Breed Education Fund

In accordance with its mission, the United States Australian Shepherd Foundation’s Breed Education Fund funds projects that will promote education on the proper care, breeding and training of Australian Shepherds. Funded projects include but are not limited to the promotion, dissemination or development of educational materials; Judges education programs, Breeder education programs and National Specialty educational activities.

The Foundation’s goal is to provide an education fund sufficiently broad to encompass a variety of grant requests.


  • The applicant shall be affiliated with the United States Australian Shepherd Association, either by membership or club designation; or provide a copy of the applicant group’s IRS Form 990.
  • Grant applications shall be submitted to the Foundation, in care of its Secretary.
  • Granted funds shall be disbursed upon availability and approval by the Foundation Board.
  • A complete summary of granted activity or developed material shall be supplied to the Foundation, in care of its Secretary, within (60) days of the activity or production of developed material.

Past Grant

The Breed Education Fund granted money to USASA to purchase a Public Education/Breed Education Booth set-up to be used by the club at Dog shows and other Educational venues such as AKC’s “Meet the Breed” events in New York City!